AR-15 Scopes/Red dots/Magnifiers

The AR 15 combat rifle platform is built to work like a dependable precision tool. AR 15 scopes are designed to enhance the accuracy and performance of this precision tool. Tactical Scopes designed for the AR15 have a wide range of targeting functions, but the two distinct targeting methods are quick acquisition close quarter targeting and long range targeting. AR scope technology has advanced so much that the modern shooter can take advantage of both shooting styles at the same time. More then one targeting points can be achieved with a combination of a main magnified optical scope, a secondary quick targeting compact sight, and a third targeting point which can be achieved with an AR 15 laser sight

AR 15 Scopes are designed to specifications for extreme tactical shooting. We stock the largest selection of AR 15 Scopes and accessories for your AR Rifle including AR 15 scope mounts, AR15 scope rings, Ar-15 laser sights, AR 15 Grips and more. Our AR products are designed for professional use shooting, hunting and law enforcement. The AR-15 Carbine rifle is one they most popular tactical rifle platforms ever designed, we carry all AR-15 parts and accessories to help you customize your AR-15 the way you want it!. Buy AR 15 Scopes at