Tiger Rock AR-15 5.56 NATO 12" Black Pistol Kit

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  • Tiger Rock AR-15 Black Pistol Kit
  • Tiger Rock AR-15 Black Pistol Kit
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Tiger Rock AR-15 5.56 NATO 12" Black Pistol Kit - an exceptional firearm package designed for enthusiasts who demand precision, reliability, and superior performance. This comprehensive kit boasts a range of features, all meticulously crafted in the USA, ensuring top-notch quality and compliance with rigorous standards.

  1. AR-15 12" 5.56 NATO Rifle Barrel - 1:8 Twist - Parkerized (Made in USA)

    • The heart of the kit, this 12" rifle barrel is chambered in 5.56 NATO, offering a versatile and powerful performance. The 1:8 twist rate ensures optimal stabilization for a variety of bullet weights. The Parkerized finish enhances durability while providing a sleek, tactical appearance.
  2. AR-15/47/9/300 Billet Upper Receiver (Made in USA)

    • Crafted from billet aluminum, the upper receiver ensures robust construction and precise tolerances. Compatible with multiple calibers, it offers versatility without compromising on strength. Made in the USA for unmatched quality assurance.
  3. AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group Assembly - Flat Design - Black Nitride (Made in USA)

    • The flat design and black nitride coating of the Bolt Carrier Group Assembly not only contribute to a striking visual appeal but also enhance durability and reduce friction. Engineered and manufactured in the USA for consistent and reliable performance.
  4. AR-15 10" Mid Length Free Float Quad Rail w/ Barrel Nut

    • The 10" mid-length free float quad rail provides a solid platform for accessories while ensuring improved heat dissipation. The included barrel nut facilitates easy installation, allowing customization to meet your specific needs.
  5. AR-15 Tactical Charging Handle

    • The tactical charging handle features an ergonomic design for swift and effortless operation. Its robust construction ensures reliability in any shooting scenario.
  6. AR-15 Dust Cover Complete Assembly

    • Keep your firearm clean and protected with the dust cover complete assembly. Engineered for easy installation and optimal functionality, it ensures your rifle stays in peak condition.
  7. AR-15/.223/5.56 A2 Muzzle Brake for 1/2"x28 Pitch - 5 Ports

    • The A2 muzzle brake with 5 ports minimizes recoil and muzzle rise, promoting faster follow-up shots and increased accuracy. The 1/2"x28 pitch ensures compatibility with a wide range of muzzle devices.
  8. AR-15/.223/5.56 Tapered Steel Crush Washer 1/2"x28

    • The tapered steel crush washer ensures a secure and precise fit for your muzzle device. Its durable construction guarantees longevity and reliability.
  9. .750 Low Profile Gas Block and Silver Carbine Length Gas Tube - Assembled

    • The assembled gas block and carbine-length gas tube offer efficient gas management, contributing to smooth cycling and reliable function. The low-profile design ensures compatibility with a variety of handguards.
  10. Lower Parts Kit w/ Standard Grip & Trigger Guard

    • The lower parts kit includes essential components for completing your lower receiver assembly. The standard grip and trigger guard provide comfort and control, rounding out this comprehensive kit.

Elevate your shooting experience with the Tiger Rock AR-15 5.56 NATO 12" Black Pistol Kit - a combination of precision engineering, premium materials, and American craftsmanship. Whether you're a seasoned shooter or a first-time builder, this kit delivers unmatched performance and value.













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