AR-15 Flat Dark Earth FDE Cerakote Enhanced Lower Parts Kit

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AR-15 Flat Dark Earth FDE Cerakote Enhanced Lower Parts Kit




AR-15 Flat Dark Earth (FDE) Cerakote Enhanced Lower Parts Kit, a premium collection of meticulously crafted components designed to elevate your firearm to new heights of performance and aesthetics. Each element of this kit is coated in a durable and visually striking Flat Dark Earth Cerakote finish, ensuring not only top-tier functionality but also a sleek and stylish appearance. Here's a detailed breakdown of the features:

  1. CERAKOTE FDE Pistol Grip:

    • The pistol grip is coated in a high-quality Flat Dark Earth Cerakote finish, providing a comfortable and secure grip for enhanced control.
  2. CERAKOTE FDE Ambi Safety Selector:

    • A precision-engineered ambidextrous safety selector with a Cerakote FDE finish, allowing for seamless and efficient operation for both left and right-handed shooters.
  3. CERAKOTE FDE Trigger:

    • The trigger component boasts a Cerakote FDE coating, ensuring smooth and consistent trigger pulls for improved accuracy and control.
  4. CERAKOTE FDE Extended Takedown Pin-Long:

    • The extended takedown pin, finished in Cerakote FDE, facilitates quick and effortless disassembly for maintenance or customization.
  5. Cerakote FDE Extended Pivot Pin-Long:

    • The extended pivot pin, featuring a Cerakote FDE finish, simplifies the pivot process, promoting efficient firearm handling.
  6. Cerakote FDE Enhanced Bolt Catch:

    • The enhanced bolt catch, coated in Cerakote FDE, offers improved functionality and durability, ensuring reliable performance during critical moments.
  7. Bolt Catch Spring, Roll Pin & Plunger:

    • A comprehensive set of components to complement the enhanced bolt catch, guaranteeing smooth and reliable bolt operation.
  8. Black Oxide Hammer:

    • The black oxide hammer provides optimal strength and durability for consistent and reliable firing.
  9. Takedown / Pivot Pin Detent & Spring:

    • Includes high-quality detent and spring for secure and controlled pivot and takedown actions.
  10. Safety Detent & Spring:

    • Precision-machined safety detent and spring for reliable and positive safety engagement.
  11. Disconnector & Spring:

    • A finely-tuned disconnector and spring combination, ensuring smooth and consistent trigger reset.
  12. Hammer Pins:

    • Heavy-duty hammer pins for enhanced durability and longevity.
  13. Detent Plunger & Retainer Spring:

    • Components designed for secure and reliable retention of detents.
  14. Hammer & Trigger Spring:

    • High-performance hammer and trigger springs for consistent and reliable firearm operation.
  15. Aluminum Standard Trigger Guard:

    • A lightweight and durable aluminum trigger guard for improved ergonomics and ease of use.
  16. Magazine Catch Assembly w/Button and Spring:

    • The magazine catch assembly, complete with button and spring, ensures smooth and secure magazine changes.

Elevate your AR-15 build with the AR-15 Flat Dark Earth Cerakote Enhanced Lower Parts Kit – a fusion of precision engineering, durability, and aesthetic appeal.













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