AR15/M16 Pistol Buffer Tube Foam Cover

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  • AR15M16 Pistol Buffer Tube Foam Cover
  • AR15M16 Pistol Buffer Tube Foam Cover


AR-15 Pistol Tube 3.5" Foam Pad Cover





AR-15 Pistol Tube 3.5" Foam Pad Cover – the ultimate solution for enhancing the comfort and performance of your AR15 pistol buffer tube. Crafted with precision and quality in mind, this foam pad cover boasts a range of features to elevate your shooting experience. Here's a detailed breakdown of its key attributes:

  1. Material Excellence:

    • Our AR15 Pistol Buffer Tube Foam Pad is meticulously crafted from NPVC (Nitrile, or NBR) – a robust material celebrated for its exceptional durability, high tensile strength, and superb abrasion resistance.
  2. Resilient Composition:

    • NPVC foam is renowned for its resistance to oils and fuels, ensuring that your foam pad remains intact and effective even in demanding conditions. This resilience extends to the destructive effects of ozone and UV light, maintaining the structural integrity and performance over time.
  3. Temperature Versatility:

    • Engineered to perform in a variety of environments, this foam pad cover offers an impressive temperature range of -20°F to +220°F. Whether you're facing extreme cold or scorching heat, trust our foam pad to deliver consistent comfort and support.
  4. Open-Ended Design:

    • The AR-15 Pistol Tube 3.5" Foam Pad Cover is designed with an open-ended structure, ensuring easy installation on your buffer tube. The 3.5" length provides ample coverage, allowing you to customize the fit according to your preferences.
  5. Precision Fit for AR15 Pistols:

    • Tailored to perfection, this foam pad cover is specifically engineered to fit 1.25” diameter buffer tubes on AR15 pistols. The snug fit guarantees stability and eliminates unnecessary movement, contributing to a more controlled shooting experience.
  6. Enhanced Comfort:

    • The 3.5" length of the foam pad cover adds a layer of comfort to your shooting sessions, absorbing recoil and reducing fatigue. The thoughtful design ensures that you can focus on your target without the distractions of discomfort.

In summary, our AR-15 Pistol Tube 3.5" Foam Pad Cover is a premium accessory that combines durability, versatility, and comfort. Elevate your AR15 pistol's performance with this meticulously engineered foam pad cover, designed to withstand various conditions while providing a customized and comfortable shooting experience.



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