AR15 Takedown & Pivot Extended Pin Set

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  • AR15 Extended Takedown & Pivot Pin Set
  • AR15 Extended Takedown & Pivot Pin Set


AR15 Extended Takedown & Pivot Pin Set






AR15 Extended Takedown & Pivot Pin Set, a must-have upgrade for your AR-15 platform, meticulously designed to enhance functionality and streamline firearm maintenance. Here are the key features that set this pin set apart:

  1. Effortless Assembly and Disassembly: The extended and grooved head on each pin facilitates a quick and straightforward separation of the upper and lower receivers. This design allows for a more secure grip, making the takedown process easier and faster, even in challenging conditions.

  2. Mil-Spec Precision: Crafted to meet rigorous Mil-Spec standards, our Extended Takedown & Pivot Pin Set ensures compatibility and reliability with your AR-15 platform. Count on these pins to deliver optimal performance in any shooting scenario.

  3. Durable 8620 Alloy Steel Construction: Engineered for durability and longevity, these pins are constructed from high-quality 8620 Alloy steel. This robust material provides the strength and resilience needed to withstand the rigors of regular use, ensuring a dependable component for your firearm.

  4. Sleek Black Melonite Finish: The pins feature a sleek and corrosion-resistant Black Melonite finish. Not only does this coating enhance the pins' durability, but it also provides a low-profile aesthetic that complements the overall look of your AR-15.

  5. Tailored for AR-15: Specifically designed for AR-15 rifles, these extended takedown and pivot pins offer a seamless fit, contributing to the overall performance and reliability of your firearm.

  6. Proudly Made in the U.S.A.: Quality matters, and we take pride in manufacturing our products in the United States. You can trust that our Extended Takedown & Pivot Pin Set is crafted with precision and care, meeting the high standards that gun enthusiasts expect.

  7. Comprehensive Package: Our set includes not only the extended takedown and pivot pins but also the necessary springs and detents. This all-inclusive package ensures that you have everything you need for a hassle-free installation, allowing you to focus on enjoying your firearm.

Upgrade your AR-15 with confidence using our AR15 Extended Takedown & Pivot Pin Set – the perfect blend of innovation, durability, and precision engineering. Elevate your shooting experience with a product designed to exceed expectations.















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