How to Install An AR-15 Magazine Catch on a Lower Receiver

How to Install An AR-15 Magazine Catch on a Lower Receiver

Posted by JR A1Armory on Jul 2nd 2021


The AR-15 is the most common rifle in America. It is a semi-Automatic modeled after the military's M16. The AR15 can be customized to each individuals liking in a million different ways from colors, grips, stocks, hand guards and so on. In this post I will explain how to assemble the AR-15 lower part known as the Magazine Catch. Writing instructions is more difficult than a video but I'll do my best to simplify everything. Information is Information. 

You should definitely try to have a vise set up with a lower receiver vise block to hold the receiver in place. Honestly I don't use one, but I am a master, I am a yoda and you are a young jedi learning the force. Sorry back to it!

These are the lower parts you should have to assemble the lower receiver! But for now we are concerned with the magazine catch. I will do a post for each part install because if not I will be typing & editing until I die and the blog posts for my site to help with seo would never work!

AR-15 Lower Parts Kit consists of the following and I suggest when you open your bags of parts you separate them. You will see many pins, springs & detents. Pay attention to the diagram and you will learn which piece goes with it's part. Part's are as followed:

Each one of these lower parts will be it's own install. If their are 2 then they go together. If you do not have a buffer tube yet then sit the takedown pin aside until you do, as that goes with the buffer tube. For now sit all the springs & pins aside as we will start to separate them.

FIRST:  Grab the Magazine Catch, Button & Spring. Look at the diagram, it's the largest spring. This is the easiest and fastest part to assemble, the magazine catch!


I recommend using a small punch or some instrument to push with. A pencil with an eraser would probably work.  

Take the Magazine Catch and insert it into the hole on the lower receiver as the picture shows.


Once through the other side, the threads will be sticking out, from here you slide on the spring and start twisting the magazine button on a few threads.


Once the button is on you need to use a punch or a pencil or a broom, I don't care, you just need to put pressure on the button into the whole so the lever pops out the other side, the button will be in the hole flushed with the receiver so you can turn the magazine catch.

Turn the magazine catch until you can press the button and the lever does not pop out. The best way to test if it's tight enough is to use a magazine. Pop one in and make sure it locks in place, then make sure when you press the magazine button the mag falls out. If it does not you need to repeat the step because it's either too loose or too tight. Usually you just spin the lever until it hits the receiver, then your good! If your interested in customizing your AR-15 then shop at A1Armory. We provide Fast Shipping & Quality parts from Brand names, we are a small family business who actually give  shit!

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